Client Testimonials

"The 5 Languages of Affirmation was eye-opening, insightful, and easy to implement with my team of student leaders and graduate students. During our sessions with Jennifer, I was challenged to think outside of the typical norms of appreciation in the workplace, recognize areas where I default into comfortable ways of appreciating others, and created tactical action plans of implementing appreciation into the structure of my work. I would highly recommend Jennifer if you are looking for an engaging way to explore appreciation in the workplace!"

"When reflecting on the training executed by Jennifer, one word comes to mind; impactful.  I worked side by side with her on delivering the '5 Languages of Appreciation' training series to over 100 individuals in management and leadership positions at Tyson Foods.  Something magical happened when we began to educate our leaders on how vastly different we all deliver and accept communication tactics.  With real life scenarios, Jennifer demonstrated how two separate individuals could interpret the exact same act of appreciation in completely different ways.  The training taught us that one particular act may mean the world to some, while others are left with a 'foreign language' that means nothing to them.  The single most important factor is to know your employees.  From there, you must carefully select which 'language' you will speak to them to ensure they receive your message of appreciation clearly ... The concepts and tactics that I was taught by Jennifer are things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.  They not only apply in the workplace, but in life as well."

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