Preschool - 12   School Consultant



Jennifer is a trained practitioner of The Somatic Experiencing® method developed by Peter
Levine. Alongside her knowledge of child/teen development Jennifer will use her somatic and
sensory training to gain awareness, understanding and a deeper knowledge of the effects of
trauma in order to better support children and teenagers in their classrooms.
Jennifer’s areas of expertise are:

  • Understanding behaviors, triggers and best practice for being with students in the​ classroom
  • Preparing the classroom environment that supports effective learning outcomes which supports the whole class and individual students
  • Providing group and individual exercise and tools for the classroom that effectively support a student(s) who are struggling with behaviors, socially and academics
  • Techniques for school staff and administration to become aware of what they bring individually to class each day and how to take care of one’s self


Jennifer’s consulting can be done on school location, by skype meetings or combinations and
options that work your school/system.


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