Sensory Safe Environment Consultant

Jennifer is a trained practitioner of The Somatic Experiencing® method developed by Peter
Levine. With her somatic training and her knowledge of sensory input’s effect on
children/teenagers who struggle with behaviors, emotional upset and academics, Jennifer brings
gained knowledge, awareness, and deeper understanding of how the environment can positively
develop a strong resilient child. Jennifer has worked with children of all ages, in foster and
adoptive care and in her camp setting. She understands and shares how a child dealing with
trauma stress and anxiety show up and how they can be supportive just changing their

Jennifer’s areas of expertise are:

  • Setting up the classroom environment and/or school areas so that positive stimulation happens for all children
  • Supporting parents in developing routines for morning, afternoon and evenings along with exercises to integrate the sensory/somatic systems of the child
  • Clearly defining how the home environment and food can affect their children with direction as to how bedrooms, playrooms and other areas in the home are conducive to a settled and engaged child(ren)

Jennifer provides this support during healing sessions with children or by phone or skype
depending on the need of the family.

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