JOURNEY Camp Activities

Campers enjoy a variety of activities designed to stimulate the senses,

without overpowering them.

Please see the Parent Letter for more details about the various activities offered at JOURNEY Camp.


  • Climbing Wall

  • Music Wall & Concert Corner: Various instruments and "stage" for visiting artists to entertain,

  • Ball Field: Horseshoes, swings/rings, water slide, teeter-totter, and a surprise

  • Meditation Room: Sacred space to be comfortable and quiet

  • Messy Room: The name speaks for itself! A place where kid's can make a mess on purpose! 

  • Labyrinth of the Lion: Place to walk purposefully, and quiet the mind 

  • Mamaw’s Garden: Children will grow, harvest, and eat vegetables they've cared for

  • Herb Garden: Children will grow herbs, investigate the irrigation tower and care for our new garden area.

  • P-Nut’s Shop: For small projects created on their own or directed by staff.

  • Papa’s Farm: Children will feed, water and care for a small animals.

  • Library: Books and board games and sensory toys

  • Art Studio: Filled with supplies to develop creativity and fine motor skills

  • Compass Cove: Fire pit, hammocks, Stumble Stump course, teeter-totter, and many new aparatus to play on.

  • Compass Path: Sensory walkway leading to Soul Compass Center and Compass Cove (perfect for little bare feet to explore!)

“We are not human beings

on a spiritual journey.

We are spiritual beings

on a human journey.”

- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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