Where They Lead and What We’ll Do


JOURNEY Camp will provide activities inside and outside that will support integration of the senses so your child’s nervous system can move towards regulation.  Because our time is limitedThroughout the day, children will follow “Pathways” to different areas spread across the camp property.

There is a Library, with books and board games and sensory toys; a Gym, with mats and balls and swings to develop gross motor skills; an Art Studio, filled with supplies to encourage creativity and fine motor activities; a Music Wall and Concert Corner; a Meditation Room for children needing a space to be comfortable and silent. The children will grow vegetables in Mamaw’s Garden, build birdhouses in P-Nut’s Shop, and be given the opportunity to feed, water and care for the animals at Papa’s Farm. The Ball Field is our largest sensory-rich play area with a climbing wall, swing, horseshoes, balance beams and water slide. Compass Cove, located adjacent to SCC, is a place to simply “hang out”, with a tent, fire pit, hammocks, and Stumble Stump course. And of course, JOURNEY Camp will also offer a swimming pool; it will be utilized for some free play and some directed sensory activities.  (As a safety precaution, there will be a certified lifeguard while children are at the pool.)

On some days, Pathways will lead to an area with a specific plan and camp counselors will guide children through the activity. But most Pathways lead to areas specifically designed for open-ended play and exploration with the intention of creating a space where the children can guide themselves, and much of their time will be spent here. These are the moments we will use to observe and learn as much as we can from your child about how they process different sensory signals and identify strengths as well as areas of need.

We will play all day. We will be loud and quiet. We will be rambunctious and calm. We will move fast, slow, get wet, be messy and also feel our bodies settle.  We will sit together as we eat the lunches we have brought from home and also enjoy new textures of different foods from our garden.  We will enjoy laughter, conversation and talk about what the afternoon holds with great anticipation.

“We are not human beings

on a spiritual journey.

We are spiritual beings

on a human journey.”

- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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