What to bring each day to camp

1) Backpack/medium sized duffel bag - We suggest the following features:

    a. Large compartment - To hold the extra set of clothes, swim gear, and towels

    b. Outside zippered compartment - For lip balm, sunscreen, insect repellant,etc.

    c. Outside mesh water bottle pocket - Easy accessibility to water will help your camper stay properly hydrated all day long. (We’ll provide the water.)


2) Clothing

    a. Complete extra set of clothing – We WILL get messy on some days!

    b. Old pair of shoes - Include a plastic grocery bag for these as well.

    c. Hooded sweatshirt or jacket – Even though it’s summer time, early mornings and cloudy days can be chilly; make sure your camper is prepared.

    d. Rain Gear – We spend most of our day outside in nature…even when it rains     (unless, of course, it’s a downpour). A rain jacket and rain boots/shoes are nice to have.


3) “Swim” Gear– Although the pool is closed we’re still going to have a LOT of water play!

     a. Bathing suit - One-piece suits for girls and modest swim trunks for boys.

     b. Towels – We suggest sending two smaller towels for your child; one to sit on and one to wrap up in after swim time.

     c. Plastic bag – For wet swimsuits and towels.


4) Miscellaneous

    a. Insect repellent

    b. Sunscreen - Please apply it to your child in the morning. Counselors will help your child apply it throughout the day.

    c. Prescription/OTC medications (Refer to the medical pages of your Parent Packet as they have very specific instructions on our medication policy. We must have this form in your camper’s Master File before we can administer any medications. Only the Camp Director can administer medication, prescription or OTC.)


5) Water Bottle


6) Healthy Snacks AND a Healthy Lunch.  Please write the name of your camper on their healthy snack.


7) Yoga Mat- if you have one, if not we have a few in the Meditation Room.



“We are not human beings

on a spiritual journey.

We are spiritual beings

on a human journey.”

- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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