Welcome to the Center!
Welcome to the Center!

Professional Services

The services provded at Soul Compass Center will help you come "home" to your true self. You will be guided to heal, connect, create & thrive in your life.

Jennifer welcomes all ages, ethnicities & orientations. 

Healing Therapy Services

Jennifer uses integrated healing techniques to facilitate healing. You will learn to restore reslience through self-regulation techniques and body focused therapy modalities. Every human heals differently- Jennifer respects these differnces and uses an eclecitic approach when creating healing paths for each client.

Sensory Environment Consultant

Our nervous system is contatntly being stimulated by the world around us. Jennifer helps you learn ways to soothe and calm your nervous system when the world around you feels like "too much".

School Consultant & Trainer

Jennifer offers consultant services to school systems. These services can be focused on plans for success for specfic students or on broader topics that will benefit student-teacher interactions across the board. Somatic Experiencing and Sensory Environment techniques are featured strongly in these services.

Somatic Experience Practitioner

We are wired to self-heal. Our minds and bodies are under constant assault from trauma, stress & anxiety in many forms. The mind and body must be considred together to facilitate healing. Through Somatic Exeriencing Jennifer will help you strengthen your mind-body connection which will allow you to create more space to think and respond to life. When you learn to self-regulate you will notice the strength and resilience that resides in you. 

“We are not human beings

on a spiritual journey.

We are spiritual beings

on a human journey.”

- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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