Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, (Advanced II)

Jennifer’s educational background and child development knowledge is used along with her trauma training to support children and their families into a healthier way to living life.  She provides sessions for children, teens and adults. Jennifer integrates her knowledge of children, Somatic Trauma Training, and her knowledge of sensory needs to determine how to best support the child in moving into a more resilient state of being.  During a session, Jennifer will create activities and movement that will support children in becoming more aware of their body. Doing so allows the child to feel safer, grounded and then able to work on reactions to triggers that produce difficult behaviors, learning struggles and emotional upset.  

Jennifer works with children who are in the foster and adoptive care process and supports the caregiver on how to protect and provide a safe environment for the child.  She will also provide suggestions for how to make daycare and school feel safe for the child.  


Jennifer offers adult and teens who have had past traumas or struggling with stress and anxiety with needed resources and ways to manage and heal from what keeps them from living life to the fullest.  Clients will learn ways to handle stressful and anxiety filled times using the tools and resources Jennifer teaches. Individual clients will learn to understand how their bodies hold the stress and trauma and then how to deal with it in order to heal.  Jennifer offers a safe environment for her clients that allows them to learn how to become more embodied (self-aware) and grounded (settled) while they do the work of living and healing.


Along with therapy for the child, support for the caregiver is provided as needed. A plan is determined by the caregiver and Jennifer as needs are assessed. She is also available by phone during the treatment plan as a support when things just go a little off and questions arise.  Parents going through divorce, families dealing with grief and loss or those struggling to just make life work on a daily basis will benefit from the support Jennifer can give to understand more about triggers, behaviors and emotions for the family. 

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