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Workshop: The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace, by Gary Chapman and Paul White.  As a Certified Trainer with Appreciation at work organization, Jennifer can provide a training that will increase how employees feel valued in the workplace.  Gary and Paul say, this work “Empowers organizations by encouraging people”. Through a systematic approach Jennifer will provide this training to your organization, large or small, based on your particular needs.  Your company will be among many, large and small, that have decided to support the workforce they have and develop a way to strengthen the relationships of those that work daily with each other. Whether your organization has employees that work long distance, in the medical field, military, in the ministry, schools and universities or manufacturing, there is a definite place for the take away Jennifer will give your organization.  This training can be done in a 3-4 hour session or over a few weeks. Jennifer will speak with you and what your organization's needs are and help you determine how best to format this training. For more information on cost and availability email Jennifer at





Abundant Joy Retreat -   Jennifer offers to woman on her property or at a location that a group designates.  The retreat is for a day and provides space to process and grow in how to enjoy Abundant Joy in body, mind and spirit.  Jenifer will focus on each of these areas with exercises, reading, teaching and space for each retreatant to find space to drop off all of what life brings them and walk into a time of healing a joy with other woman.  If your group is interested in this retreat or you as an individual want to know when the next retreat will be email Jennifer at and she will speak with you about what your group needs and also add you to the mailing list when the next one will be given. 


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