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Workshops for Preschools and Elementary Schools


  • Monkeys, Wallflowers and Love – As a educator, Jennifer understands child development. Infants to Preschool age children come to a classroom from a hectic, chaotic, electronic loving environment that causes them to be the swinging monkeys in the room are the wallflowers hanging back.  She knows that each day the teacher walks in to love these children and give them a day of learning fun.  

Jennifer will provide teachers with the basis of why the environment at school needs to be sensory friendly and how to make steps to provide this.  She will encourage teachers to give examples of struggles and sticking points with children due to behaviors and/or emotional struggles and give clear examples of how to support the child to settle and become more resilient.  She will also bring along ideas and objects to have in the classroom that support a child during the day. During this training teachers will learn movement that are simple for all ages and encourages embodiment that sustains a child to be more present during the day and increases learning capacity


This training can be done in a various ways depending on the need of the group; Jennifer can do a whole group session(s) and then meet with teachers in their rooms are do a variation of this.  Jennifer is also available for consulting about particular needs of a classroom or program. For more information on cost and availability email Jennifer at



  • My Classroom, Their Safe “World” for the Day – As an educator many years ago, Jennifer can now look into present classrooms and know today teachers and educators are facing a child(ren) with needs far greater than when she was in the classroom.  Her training in trauma and sensory training, has enabled her to support healing for trauma victims. In working with children in her practice she is aware that the child struggling at home is most likely struggling at school.  She uses her knowledge and experience to train teachers and parents on how to provide an emotional safe haven as a child heals and lives each day.  

The classroom can be a safe place for a child, a place he/she knows what to expect, a place that he/she knows where everything is and what is going to happen next.  These things are important just so the child can be somewhat settled enough to learn. What we know is that if a child experiences trauma in the womb, as an infant, if the trauma is ongoing now, or if the child has been removed from an unhealthy environment, the child is in a hyper vigilant state of survival or a shutdown state.  This child walks in to your classroom each day. How as a classroom teacher with all the demands on you how can you support this child AND teach? 


In this training, Jennifer offers the background as to how children are affected and what that can look like in the classroom as far as behaviors and learning struggles.  She then will discuss simple ways to change the classroom environment and routine to better support these children. Examples will be given along with support resources. Jennifer will also spend time giving support to the teacher as to how to come to each day and what he/she brings into the room emotionally and energetically that plays into some of the struggles and joys of the safe “world” he/she wants to create for the children.  Jennifer will speak with you and what your school’s needs are and help you determine how best to format this training. For more information on cost and availability email Jennifer at


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